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A cuisine that finds inspiration in nature and tradition.

Eligo is a culinary experience focused on pleasure that finds inspiration in tradition, sustainability and respect for raw materials. 

A strictly seasonal offer, true, fresh, understandable and never ordinary, sometimes amazing, just like Nature does in its best expressions.

At Eligo, each ingredient is in harmony with its own biological time.


We take the best from nature, respecting the right ripening times, harvesting and enhancing what we select with a strong vocation for quality.

We follow each ingredient to your plate.


We bring excellence to the table by going to where the raw material excels in full respect of the environment, animals and humans, with responsible attention to waste.

Italian hospitality in a healthy and excellent setting and a Maitre all to yourself.


The journey begins inside one of the largest Italian industrial complexes of the 20th century, surrounded by an interior architecture with strong references to nature and human work designed by Renzo Piano.

An evocative and safe place thanks to powerful ReSPR™ sanitisation systems that guarantee a reduction of pathogens in the air and on surfaces of over 99%.

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A seasonal experience that transcends fashions in full respect of nature and raw materials.

Eligo Bar


Sipping a cocktail becomes a unique experience at Eligo Bar, a journey back to the essentiality of scents and flavours. 

We pick the aromatic herbs that perfume your drink at the moment and use only fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables.


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